Sneaky peek- Joanne & Ian's wedding

I promised sneaky peeks and here they are…the first of soooo many :-) . First up the fabulous Jo & Ian’s whose intimate wedding celebration I photographed in Bristol last month. What a wonderful day and what an incredible family who made me feel SO welcome.

Venetia xx

And breathe...!

The last couple of weeks have been hectic. Wonderful. Inspirational. Fun-filled. Progressive. Exciting. But nevertheless, hectic! They’ve seen me doing what I do best…being behind the camera and I have loved every minute of it.

I’ve shot Weddings, Portraits, Christenings, Styled Magazine shoots and much more and I’ve been ‘squirrelling’ away images on hard drives, ready for ‘editing heaven’!

Finally this morning I got to sit down, with a full week in the office (well apart from a Magazine shoot on Wednesday, oh, and two portraits on Friday!) and catch up. I’ll be posting sneaky peeks from all the shoots over the next couple of days, but for now I’m doing what girls to best…writing a list. And a long one at that!

Venetia xx

And because there are going to be soooo many gorgeous images to share, there’s no time like the present to start. Here’s The Deer Park Country House Hotel’s recently refurbished and absolutely stunning, Italian Garden which I photographed for them on Friday.

The Deer Park Country House Hotel

Caroline & Owen- maternity shoot

Being asked to photograph one momentous event in a couples life is one thing, but being asked to photograph two, is such an honour. Capturingt them as they set out on their journey of life together, as husband and wife, is incredible, but then capturing the next stage of their journey, bringing new life into the world, is mind-blowing.

In 2011, I photographed Caroline & Owen’s beautiful wedding at Padbrook Park, Devon and had a wonderful, laughter-filled day capturing them and their family and friends, as they celebrated their love. Three years later, almost to the day, I was back with them again capturing the culmination of their love because…Caroline is pregnant with twins!

It was the most incredible afternoon catching up with ‘old friends’, talking excitedly about their next adventure and what the future holds for them and just as the last time, full of love, laughter and joy…just how I remember their wedding.

Caroline & Owen- thank you so much for choosing me to photograph the next incredible stage of your journey and I so look forward to documenting your beautiful boys (it feels sooo strange to say ‘boyS’!).

Venetia xx

P.S. As Caroline and Owen live in Devon they opted for a home-based shoot. Many of my maternity sessions are studio based, however it was a such a joy to capture them in their natural surroundings- I loved every minute of it and would love to do more. If you are looking for beautiful, natural images of your changing life, whether home based or in the studio, drop me an email or give me a call on 0117 9112410…I’d love to ‘cement’ your memories.


Caroline *rocks* pregnancy- she looks stunning!



I love the look of excitement and awe on both their faces…




How neat is that bump?!




The nursery is soooo cute…there is two of everything! Owen loves the dragons, so we just *had* to have a picture of them!!



The light coming flooding in through the window made for perfect portraits. And the great joy of home-based shoots, its in a meaningful setting.





Those of you who know me well, will know I may have let a small *squeal* out at this point!



Oooo…this image is to *die* for! It’s exactly how I pictured it…



And this one too…



With years of natural light photography ‘under my belt’ capturing beautiful images was a doodle, especially in Caroline & Owen’s gorgeous new house!



Mmmm…another favourite…Caroline you really are STUNNING! (I LOVE the fact their house is covered in images that I’ve taken- Caroline framed some of the ‘detail’ shots from her wedding, they make beautiful, meaningful art in their hallway).



We all loved the serenity of this image.



And I can’t believe, there is not only one little one in there, but two!



Caroline & Owen have a house rabbit, Rhodri, he is part of the family and definitely needed his minute of fame.



He is so friendly, Caroline is going to have 3 ‘babies’ running around the house!



Owen is Welsh and has joked that the minute Caroline goes into labour, he is going to drive her across the border to make sure his boys are Welsh too LOL! I just had to capture this for him…



I wanted to get some really natural ‘lifestyle’ shots for them, so when a parcel for the boys arrived, I suggested they open it so I could capture their reactions. (Check out the image behind them…another of mine…*blush*)




Seeing two of anything is so cute and so exciting- I think this was another moment it hit Caroline!



I’ve a feeling Owen (& Caroline) are definitely going to have their hands full the next time I see them.



After a cup of tea and rest, we headed outside to the cool shade of the trees for some more beautiful portraits.



Their shoot produced so many beautiful images, I simply *can’t* chose a favourite…




…although I do think this one has been an overall winner for everyone.



Caroline & Owen have decided to have one of my new Mini Cutie albums for each of their shoots; maternity, newborn, 6 and 12 months. This little series was a definite for that- I can’t wait to see it in print.



When they came in for their viewing we were laughing sooo much at how difficult it is for Owen to get close enough to kiss Caroline now! I think he manages just fine ;-0!



Doesn’t this just *scream* happiness and love?!



*Really* Caroline, could you look ANY more beautiful pregnant?!




When I asked Caroline & Owen to walk down the lane a little for me it brought back such beautiful memories of their wedding for me. I have such happy memories with these two.